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Privacy Policy

We value your Privacy.  In general, we will not ask for any personal information from you.  Where we do ask for any information (for example, your email address if you decide to register), we will make it clear for what purpose(s) the information will be used.

Your browser might automatically send some information when requesting webpages:  for example, the type of browser you are using (eg Internet Explorer or Firefox) or your choice of default language (eg English).  You can usually control the information sent in this way using the Settings within your browser (please see the Help system for your particular browser).

This site shows advertisements from Google, who may be placing and reading cookies on your browser to allow for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, to combat fraud and abuse, and for analytics.  See your particular browser's settings if you wish to control the way in which your browser accepts/sends cookies. See this Google page to see how Google uses information and how you can control the information collected by Google. Read about the use of Web Analytics on this site.

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