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Credit Card Payments

Description:  Use this calculator to calculate the length of time it will take to pay-off a credit card, and the total interest payable over that period. Note that the 'Value of Total payments in Todays Money' figure shown includes an allowance for the incidence of payments (eg paying 100 now is considered to cost more than paying 100 sometime in the future, due to the time-cost of money).


 Balance1 Amount (eg on Purchases) :-   
 Interest rate on Balance1 (%pa) :-   
 Balance2 Amount (eg on balance transfers) :-   
 Interest rate on Balance2 (%pa) :-   

 Minimum payment (%) :-   
 Minimum payment (amount) :-   
 Maximum Term :-   
 Discount rate (%) for 'Time-cost of money' (defaults to 4% per year if left blank) :-   


 Time to pay-off :-   
 Total interest :-   
 Total payments :-   
 Value of Total payments in Today's Money :-   

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