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Profit from credit card   -    This calculator will calculate the profit from taking a low- or zero-rate balance transfer and putting it into a savings account to earn interest

Mortgage Comparison   -    This calculator compares the cost of two mortgages with differing fees & interest rates

Mortgage Overpayment   -    This calculator shows the effects of overpaying a mortgage, in reducing the term and the effective cost overall

Mortgage Offset Payment   -    This calculator will calculate the level monthly payment required to pay off an offset mortgage in a given term, when offsetting the mortgage with a certain level of savings

Mortgage Remaining   -    Use this calculator to calculate the balance remaining on a mortgage after a period of time

Saving Fund   -    This calculates the fund produced from saving regularly for a period, earning a given rate of interest

Saving Payment   -    This calculates the required regular payment to produce a desired end-balance at the end of a term, when earning a given rate of interest

Saving Term   -    This calculates the length of time needed to save a regular amount to produce a desired end-balance, when earning a given rate of interest

Loan Amount   -    This calculates the amount of loan that would be advanced for a given regular payment over a given term, at a given rate of interest

Loan Payment   -    This calculates the regular payment required for a loan of a given amount, paid back over a given term, at a given rate of interest

Loan Term   -    This calculates the required term of a loan for a given amount, to be paid back at a certain regular payment, at a given rate of interest

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